Super Charging a '95 Civic DX

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Junior Member
Has anyone installed a SC to a D15B7 ('92-'95 Civic DX)? Need info
before you do that i would recomend doing a mini me swap if you want something quick and easy. You get a d16z6 head and put it on your d15 block, you end up getting about 135 crank hp out of this easy frankinstine. you will need to wire a vtec line, a new ecu, a head from either a civic si, ex, or del sol si, head gasket then a timing belt. i feel that i am missing something basic some one help me out. Once you do this you can open yourself up to many diffrent boost salutions like the gready turbo
its not worth the money man... a JRSC goes for 2800... an sir2 swap goes for 2400. about the same power, and the b-series is a way better plat form to be playing wiht
W3rd SC's are way too expensive for what you get out of them! They are good for auto-x but thats about it really!