Supercharger On A B18b Questions...

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I have an Integra LS, '94 and I plan to go with a Jackson Racing supercharger. I want to go so because my car is a daily driver and I would rather have all time power than a turbo. Although I wouldn't mind a turbo, I don't want to lose my current mods of headers, intake, and exhaust with a turbo set-up. Plus, I can get a supercharger for about a grand less than a turbo. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with a supercharger B18B and how much power they got from it and if it was a big difference or not? I was also wondering if anyone knew what I could run in the quarter mile with a supercharer? I was thinking low 14s to high 13s. Get back to me. Thanks. B)

the black line is an LS on a JRSC
the red line is an ITR

it pulls harder than an itr y0 :)
what pissedoffsol said does not at all mean u will only run low 15's lik stock itr's, if u havnt already read the argument on vtec/t vs ls/t, yes its about turbo but its the same idea as sc. tak for example at 5000rpms the itr is makin about 90 hp tops, while the jrsc b18b is already makin 125....huge dif, its all about usable power, and how even your powerband is...hope that helped
i didn't say that at all- they dyno speaks for its seld.
it will smoke an itr
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Jan 30 2003, 01:29 AM
i didn't say that at all- they dyno speaks for its seld.
it will smoke an itr

i kno i kno, im just spelling it out in laymens terms