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:p I have a 97 Accord W/h22 swap and a jackson racing supercharger. I have a 12 PIS / DC Headers/ Greedy Exhaust/ Venom Intake manifold/ AEM’s Plug & Play Engine Management System and cold air intake Jacobs Pro-Street Ultra Team Ignition/ I had this setup 5 months now not one problem My last 1/4 time was 12.9 not bad for 3,000 Pound car. My last dyno was 324HP You can get big hP for a supercharger It just take tuning . All my friends told me i was crazy going supercharger instend of turbo. But as soon as i slap the pedel Feel the Power!!!!!!!
well, you should get rid of the extra header you have lying around, and yell at your exhaust for being greedy. its not very nice of him.

I4's have 1 (one) UNO HEADER. not 2.

and its GREDDY

and if you have to take a PIS, do it else where. Here, it's know as PSI.


and on top of all this, wtf is the point of this thread, to brag?
and i'd be willing to bet your dyno is bullshit.
post it. with a pic of your car in the SAME picture. hell, put the dyno on your valve cover - and to prove its yours, put a $20 bill next to it so its in the picture, and I and the rest of us KNOW its your car, cuz you arne't going to find a dyno graph on a vlave cover with a $20 bill next to it on the net.