Swap From A D15 To D16

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So i have a d15 comin outta my 94 civic dx sedan and am replacing it with a d16. I wanna know what i should expect. Hard...easy? i mean i have a pretty good mechanic to do the work. We will have the wiring harness ...ecu.......axles...tranny......it should bolt right up and be an easy job right. Let me know if should expect anything weird.
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The only problem I can think of would be the VTEC wiring...

Another option might be to sell your DX and the motor (try to make some profit) and buy an EX... it's the same car.. but with power windows, locks, and a stock z6...

Edit: this will save you on mechanics costs (which might make up the difference), also you can test drive the car.. find one with low miles (if there is such a thing).
the mechanic costs are no problem, he does all of our stuff for free....kinda like a deal he has with our family, but the d16 came outta a ex. It already has greddy headers....aem cold air....fuel regulator....comes with brake kit too....it has aem pads with brembo cross driled rotors...i should run inot probs here right? anybody?
Sounds like a good deal for you.As Hexen (look I spelled it right :D ) said the vtec will need to be run other than that it is so easy a trained monkey could do it.