Swap In Progress!

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DAMN!!!! I'm in the progress of pulling my A6 in my CRX and the Z6 will be going in as soon as this is out. everything is unhooked, motor mounts pulled, hoist hooked up, axles out, but Damn!!! I forgot about unhooking the tachometer from the tranny! How do i unhook that from the old motor? obviously i have to pull it to get the tranny out, but i don't know how. can't figure it out. does it need to be pulled from the tranny, or the guage cluster. i'm assuming the tranny, but i don't have a manual, so that makes it kinda hard. need help if possible. Thanks.....
Pretty sure that is your speedo since your tach measures engine rpms so has no buisness on your tranny.It should have a clip on it like all the other wires in the bay that connect to things.