Swaping A 1.5sohc Vtec To A 1.6dohc Vtec

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hey guys only joined the site there tonight in a bit of a mix up and dont know where to start any how here goes
i have a jap 1.5 sohc vtec h/b which the engine went in at the weekend now i have been offered a 1.6dohc vtec sir engine which has 185bhp now the whole lot is been given to me as a whole car its just been crashed up the back side and insurance has paid up for it any way what i need to know is where to start about putting this beast in to my car what needs to be changed and so on and info would be great and ps the reason there both jap cars is im in ireland and we get a sh*t load of em over here
If it is 185hp it sounds like a CTR.If you can get the whole car you will have everything you need to put it into a 92+ civic.Be more specific about what your putting it in.
Originally posted by mwasnp@Feb 18 2003, 01:39 AM
You might want to get motor mounts from an aftermarket source like hasport.

That would depend on the car he is putting it in.There is no reason to buy $500 mounts to put a engine in a car when you can use much cheaper stock mounts.
Goddammit. Almost 4 years- that's a new record. :locked:
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