Swapping B18c/r With D16z

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hello all...im new to this forum. i am interested in the b18c integra type R motor and was wondering if anybody had problems swapping the engine with a d16z. for example, would there be any problems with the obd1 and obd2 conversion...if i was to install aftermarket headers, would they bolt on to my cat. converter then to my exhaust system without any problems. can it be done by yourself? these are some questions i have in mind and if there any others, please let me know.


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Youll probally need to get an obd2 to obd1 wiring haress, and use an obd1 ecu with the itr motor. Because if you use the obd2 ecu youll have to rewire your hole car to get you obd1 car to except the ecu(the obd2 ecu wont work with you obd1 airbags, etc...) Correct me if Im wrong.


e_solsi, wildbillhatchbac, and myself have pretty much finished up E's jdm itr swap into his del sol si (d16z6 equipped.)
I'm working on a huge write up for it. It was not as straight forard as we thought... there were a couple catches here and there...


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When is this going to be done? I still cant convince my parents to get a swap. Looks like a Prelude it will have to be.


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cut and solder the ITR injector plugs onto your harness (colors match)
cut and solder the ITR distributor plugh onto your harness (yours is a 2 piece plug the ITR has a 1 piece match the locations for the 7, then match the colors for the lower 2)
either cut and solder the ITR alternator plug onto your harness or get a OBD-1 GSR (other B series will work fine)
lengthen the O2 sensor wires

or buy a USDM OBD-2 del sol VTEC or GSR harness (this will plug into your harness at the shock towers)

if you have the 98+ ITR engine keep the stock 4-1 header you wont get anything better for less than $600... the ITR header has a 2.5 inch collector you will need a custom sized cat

depending on the ECU you use you will need to add a purge sensor between the intake manifold and the black can on the firewall (can be taken from the D16Z6)
if you are using a USDM ECU you will need to swap the VTEC solenoid and switch with a USDM one (can be taken from the D16Z6)


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thanks for the replies guys. i noticed that there were different types of type R engines ranging from i believe 95-01. i could be wrong. what year engine would be better and are there any differences in them. one of my goals is to make it N/A and i was wondering how much it will cost and what parts i might need to get the car into the 12's? also on these 92-95 civics, how easy is it to install a new complete coilover systems?