SWEET Got my new road bike

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My bike finally showed up. I bought it off ebay. The guy shipped it out right before memorial day, so it took forever to show up since it didn't move for the 3 day weekend. It ended up showing up exactly 10 minutes before I had to leave for work, so I only had time to put it together. Finally when I got home at 11:30 It was too late to take it for a real ride. however, I really wanted to ride it so I took it for a quick sprint up and down my street. Its really fast. It needs a little adjustment, as the derailers make a little noise, but I will mess with that tommrow. I havn't even really messed with the seat yet. Anyways, i snapped a few pics of it in my living room.


Heres the full bike. (sorry, kinda dark) Its a silver frame with carbon fiber fork and rear seat stays. I wish it was a diffrent color skeem (its really plain) but whatever.

The front. CF fork, Little bit better wheels then the other new bikes that I was looking at

Hears the rear, CF rear seat stays. Cheapest bike that I saw that came with them was a specialized, and it was about 1000

Tiagra componets all around. For new bikes, I would have had to spend 800-900 for one with all Tiagra componets.

Nice catseye computer. Has both wheel speed and crank speed pickups. On the odometer, it says it has 7xx miles on it.

Overall for a starter bike, I think I did real well. I will be upping to clipless pedal. Its a little used, grips are kinda worn, but overall, for $500, I couldn't even get a base model from any of the big manufactors. I will be buying a Yakima or Thule roof rack pretty soon. Just one more thing to spend money on.


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Originally posted by jeffie7@Jun 4 2005, 01:08 AM
What kind of MPG does it get?
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runs on water or gatorade. about 20 miles per 20oz's

Its the Marin Argentna.


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Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Jun 4 2005, 03:32 AM
you're going to mount a roof rack on the sol?

i'd highly reconsider this. get a trunk-mount
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no. well thats the other news. I am going to be trading my shell to a local kid that has a flat black EG shell. His has a completly straight frame, he doens't care that mine has a slightly bent driver side rail and bent raditor support. I need more room, his girlfreind really wants a del Sol. So were going to put them both in my garage either this week coming up or the next, and going to do 2 engine swaps side by side. Also, I am keeping my Teins and ITR swaybar, he is keeping his skunk2 and tanabe suspension setup. In addition, we are both keeping our own seats (civics for him, sol seats for mine)