Switching from 15s to 17s, enough room?


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I have a 94 civic coupe ex lowered 1.5 inches with Eibach springs. Right now i have 15 inch Fittipaldi rims with 195/50/15 tires. Currently i hae about a 1 1/2 inch gap between the top of the tire and where the front fender starts. If i have calculated right,going from my current tire/wheel combo to 215/35/17 adds about 1 1/4 inches overall. I don't know if this is right so someone please correct me if i am wrong. Does anyone else have this setup since it is a pretty common upgrade and if you do what wheel/tire combo are you running. Also i just want to reassure that the bolt pattern for my car is 4 x 100. I know that a lot o you guys out there know a lot more than me so help me out a little.


:D I'm assuming your going from 15x6.5 to 17x7.5 by the new tire size. But it should work. I'm not sure on how much gap you will have but it should be pretty small. I had 17x7's on my 95 with GC coilovers and Illumina struts but I left a bit of gap for wheel travel. And my tire size was 205/40 not 215/35. Not sure if this will make any difference but you should also note that on potholes and whatnot, you should have wheel rub on your fenders. Correct me if I am wrong on this.

Hope this helps you.

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go with a 205/40/17. a 35 is way too tiny, and more so, you'll have no tire.

you'll most likley rub a little near full-lock, but other than that you should be ok. look for a 17x7 with a +42 offset.
and yes, your car is 4x100.