t25 turbo

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D See 2

Senior Member
i am really leaning towards getting a t25 turbo. i was just wondering what kind of gains i can expect with this on a B16a? and what kind of internal upgrades are needed to run 8-10 psi? what kind of boost can a B16a handle.
t25 is a small turbo... its SIMILAR out put to a d16 greddy kit...
8-10 psi out of a t25 would need no internals on a b16... but you can always do them to be 'safe'

what kind of boost can a b16 handel? again, psi means nothing- it depends on how many cfms it flows at any given psi.
there's a huge debate on them....

they are supposed to help with strength of the walls...

I dunno... i wouldn't say it has anything to do with what you are asking... but again, there's much debate- so that is my opinion