Taking Random Pics Around The House

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GNU/Linux Evangelist
Meet my cats:

The grey and white cat is Clyde and the darker cat is Bonnie. Clyde is 7 and Bonnie is 8 months.

The empty engine bay

The front half of my humbl abode

It was a beautiful day here in southern NM, the grass is just starting to turn green in my backyard.
You have a lot of free time... Your cats look like they have a big chunk of "If you were smaller, we'd gnaw your eyes out" in their minds.
Hehe, actually I don't. I didn't go to work or school today because my grandfather's funeral was today. So I spent a few minutes running around with my mom's digicam.

They (the cats) do look kind of evil in that pic. Actually they are incredibly friendly. Chris (dohcvtec_accord) knows them as does my brother (93solman).
Hmm, sorry to here. Randomness is what life's all about. Take pride in it.

I hold to my idea that all cats have a little want-to-kill-all-people in their minds. (If not a lot.)

Their facade is their seemingly friendly nature. Don't fall victim to this seemingly friendly nature, when you know .. deep down .. that they would totally drive your honda off a cliff, just to watch you shed tears.
It's cool. He lived a full life. I was bummed all weekend about it, but you can't live your life mourning things that you can't change.

:lol: Toonces, that's great.

I think that the most evil thing they do is Bonnie likes to jump on me 15 minutes before the alarm goes off.
cats are drag queens. They walk around like there better than everyone adn then come a rub up against you saying "who loves kitty?" And Eric, Ill talk to you on Sunday about Sat. night. ;)