TDC sensor problems...

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New Member
i had a engine light on in my 91 accord w/ a 2.2 and used the blue plug to see the engine light flash on me 8 times which came up as a a TDC sesnsor problem. now my problem is, when ever i go to start the car when its cold, it will take about 30 seconds to start, and when your cranking it, about 15 seconds into it, the engine light will come on and then it will start. and also, in any gear above 3000 rpms will make the motor run as if there is a misfire , so needless to say you cant drive it above 3000 rpms.

now on a quest to get a new one, i'm curious to know, as long as the car is run under the 300 rpms and not making the motor runn erractically, what possibilities could there be to damaging the engine?:confused: