TEAM DYNAMICS' wheels aren't cheap

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Junior Member
Okay i have 3 Team Dynamics Motorsport wheels. White 18's . I had a friend who needed some cash so I scored the wheels for my integra but I just recently found out that I will have to spend more for the fourth wheel than I spent on the previous three. Jeez maybe someone knows somebody with a set of 5 or something. They're split six spoke wheels(12 spokes in all). I only want to break down and buy the fourth as a last resort because I am trying to save for a LS/Vtec this spring. THanKs for any help. gzus


Super Moderator
your putting 18's on a honda? Even with your swap thoses wheels will still be impossible to turn. Don't get 18's, sell the ones you have now, if they cost alot to buy one, sell the three, have money, do the VTEC conversion to your LS and buy light, smaller wheels