teg Cat/exhaust lenghts

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well ive been thinking about my exhaust alot lately and im trying to figure out if i will be able to get it on w/o cutting.

My car is an LS, the exhaust is for a gsr. However the gsr cat is still on. so, i know that there is a differnece in length between the header. Also, the GSR and the LS are the samelenght overall, so i figure that the length from the beginning of the header to the clips of the muffler MUST be the same. Since the headers are a different length, that difference MUST be made up somewhere after the header. do they do this my making a shorter cat, or is the piping shorter? i figure either way, if i put the exhaust on with the gsr cat i should be ok.

are my assumptions correct?

yeah that one. winter is comming, my car isnt lowered .all excuses i know, but shit, i really would be a ricer if i had JUST the exhaust on there lol.

Hmm, people on another site (team-integra.net) seem to think that i will still need it cut. WTF?