Tein Dilemma

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Currently im ready to purchase TEIN coilovers, I know all the spec about them, but im unsure which i should choose. Its on my daily driver, but i also auto-cross very frequently. Currently its b/w TEIN type FLEX, SS, and RA. Oops almost forgot, this is for a 95 civic coupe EX.


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If your looking at RA's also look at the JIC Magic FLT-2 Coilover Kit

They are adjustable dampering and height. They are bad ass. They also come with pillow ball mounts for free.

digital racer, 1435 shipped


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u said its ur daily, whats ur threashold for pain/stiffness? the RA are pretty nasty on the street, especially if the roads arent paved that well. also take into concideration that the aluminum RAs will requires rebuilds faster than the steel bodied.

i think the SS would be fine for a daily and sometimes auto-x`d car, just change them spring rates...make u push like a mother :p


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whats wrong with the flex? good for street/track and you can get the EDFC if you got extra money and want one more thing in the car to play wit


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edfc's is one of the biggest wastes of money known to man. It is designed for those that are too lazy to pull over, open trunk and hood, turn 4 knobs, get back in car. Walah, saved an extra 3-400. Basicly designed for the same people that need a remote bottle opener for a n20 system.


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Originally posted by asmallsol@Mar 24 2003, 04:18 PM
Basicly designed for the same people that need a remote bottle opener for a n20 system.

I think that is one of the better things if you dont want anyone to know that you have Nitrous. So you dont have to get out and open manually and then say "lets race now"


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i personaly want the HA's cuz they look like the better ones. but there r soo damn many of them i dont know which one to choose.


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i have the HA kit on my 94 civic hacth and love the ride . . . but i do think it is a little to stiff for a daily driver, depending on the quality of roads in your area.