Tein Quaility?

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If a mod wants to move this to the suspention forum then go ahead, i just thought that it was more of an anything goes...

Reading some reviews about teins and I found this....

have enjoyed the ride and performance of this product, but have been disappointed in the fact that the adjustable collars became fused to the body of the strut after only 3 months. During a mild autocross yesterday, the front support ring came apart in small pieces and caused the car to drop to the ground.....very unsafe and dangerous! This problem has been corrected on the new Flex models with a Teflon coating on the strut. If you have HA's, make sure you check the adjusting rings periodically!!! I now have struts that are not usable until I can get replacement collars....that should be fun, eh?

Anyone know how this could be provented or if there is a free replacement kit for the support ring?
this already has been addressed by Tein. ITs the older models that tended to stick.
all you need to do is spray them with wd-40 every now and then