Terminator 4 Full Trailer (BADASS!!!!!)

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I spent a good number of years on a bar stool or drifting though the city at night. Was kind of the equivelant of living in a cave. Got a little too deep into that culture...

I finally got arrested for drunk driving and spent the night in jail, where i decided to join the Navy. Sobering up in a state police barracks cell give you a lot of time to think. So then I spent almost five years staitoned overseas.

At one point I knew more about what was going on in England than my own country...

Ermmm...you know he was making fun of Christian Bale right? He wasn't actually criticizing you...

^--- This! It was making fun of Christian Bale's on-set freak-out.
i think the problem was that is had to be compared to something great. T2 was literally one of the best movies from 1980-2000.

3) less sunshine....it needed to be darker. much like T2 and the dark knight.

Very true, and it looks like they went back to the darkness of the first two movies in the fourth.