Testing the waters 92 hatch

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no engine, no paint, no body parts???

good luck on the $1500.
Yea it has a motor stock 1.5. Just needs a head gasket put on I can do that and have it runing. It has every thing there hood fenders bumper. I also have cheap lowering coilovers and a nice AEM air intake pipe that was 200+ new. If u want any pics just let me know or pm me a number and name and I let u know about the car. And no the seats are for my 99 spyder
I am starting it at $1500 I will work on the price with any one that may want it. I seen just the shell for 92-95 that need more work for $1000. This car may look bad it just need a cheap paint job and 3 dents pulled that are small and little rust fix for the body.
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