thats it- time to go Nissan

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i am in love


now, what can i fit this in? a 240?

thoughts? ideas? brian, stop dreaming...?

I'm dead serious man... cuz i could fucking register the 240, then do the swap. 100% legit, registered, and insured as a 240sx.

note, the skyline swaps are the 25t, not the 26tt so its just RWD and single turbo- but who cares- its still an r33 drive train!!!

man im about to cum in my pants here!!!!!
:worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy:
shit that place is twenty min.s from my house. why do they have front halves of cars with engines in them???? thats kinda creepy.
for sale:

94 del sol Si with volks, radio, all mods etc $6000
94 b18b1 swap complete $1200
Ls intake mani skunk2 $250 brand new (BN)
ls endyn rollerwaves with rings for boost $550 BN
ls eagle rods $350 BN
b-series nuformz block guard $225 BN
ITR strut tower bar $100
b18b ard head studs hand tightened only $100
vtec del sol dash 112k on it, $100
del sol dohc vtec shift linkage $100
helms for the ls - 40
14x6 steelies beat to shit but good tires for winter $50
del sol seats leather wrapped POS's with rails $100

i think that would give me enough to do the swap. here i come :)
i cant hate you i love nissans to much
i miss my SR20 Sentra
you can fit the rb26 in a S14 chassis, with A LOT OF CUTTING AND WELDING
Originally posted by Smonkeyboy@Oct 17 2002, 01:21 AM
i dont know how much easier the rb25det would
probablly some since its smaller and only has one turbo

shhhh.. don't encourage him
Originally posted by rixXxceboy@Oct 17 2002, 01:57 AM
shit that place is twenty min.s from my house. why do they have front halves of cars with engines in them???? thats kinda creepy.

not really=-- thats how most jdm motors come to the US
Brian just get a 1995 240sx and cut and weld till the bitch fits, ive seen it done with the RB26DETT so it must have been done with the RB25, and if they have done it you can find it!
if your offing your stuff i want the Del Sol VTEC instrument cluster

<cough>sellout<cough> hehe :)
nissan isnt selling out me sentra ate civics like jared does subway and i had the 3rd SMALLEST engine
:)SR20DE:) <-mine(i wish it would have been a T)
yes, she will fit in a 240, that would be savage, get a silvia body kit for her too ;)
The engine bay should have the clearance. Do you have any idea how fucking cool that would be? I would drag that bitch all the time. 13's in street trim would be cake. If I could afford it, I would do it. Brian, if you do it let us know what it cost you.
hmmm does that mean hondaswap might become importswap <_< ???? .... whatever the case, i got dibs on the VTEC sol cluster :)