The Sol Is Getting Torn Apart.

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the head came off today.. i will have pictures of how immaculately clean this engine really is. then you will all know why i went through three before i found one clean enough for me :)

it's off to get milled .020"

based on some crude calculations... this should take me from an astonishing compression ratio of 10.4:1 to 11.02:1.

should be good for a little power.

wednesday i'm putting in the ctr valve springs/itr retainers and the hondata intake manifold gasket as well... and possibly getting the face of the ITR intake manifold angle milled at 5* based on the recommendation of tom payn at payn technologies in troy michigan. I decided to forgo the port and polish job after looking at the ports on the head, they seem suprisingly clean and smooth. the only thing i didn't check on was if the ports were matched to the ITR intake manifold.. i may do a little gringing there... but i forgot to look at that before i came back to school.

so wednesday i will head back home and reassemble this bitch.. also i'm taking apart the interior and going to a strictly black interior and getting rid of the white vinyl.

pics to come.. later.
since my parents have that shop.. we've got friends in the business... my guess is NO MORE than 50 bucks.