thinking about stripping the rex...opinions?

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well im thinking of taking the plunge and completely stripping the crx. its pretty much a track car now anyway. im talking about ripping everytihng out. pull the dash (and put it back in), rip out the heater, heater core, ac core, blower fan, and everything else i dont need under there, also the carpet, pass seat, all paneling everywhere. only thing is that i still drive it to and from the track so i'll probably leave a radio and door speakers, lol. im just wondering how much louder the car is gonna be. will it be unbareable? basically all im gonna have left is the drivers seat, door panels, door speakers, dash and cluster, radio, and floor tar til i can get around to removing it.



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who needs interior? hatch = stripped/gutted of everything you say and then some...

gut it... but i'd leave the dash in...
yea im gonna leave the dash, im just gonna pull it out to get to all the junk underneath
my hatch is pretty much gutted as you say, i drive it every day and its not that bad. Id say its tolerable.

Also not to threadjack since you are planning on removing it sometime anyway, whats thebest way to get off the floor tar? I want get that shit out so i can repaint the floor or maybe rhino line the bitch B)


I heard that you can use dry ice to freeze that tar stuff and then just hit it with a hammer. I tried to chisle it out and that didnt turn out to well. I was thinking about rhino lining my CRX as well but I dont have cash right now :( Im actually putting all my shit back in my car right now haha.

As far as the loudness goes. It isnt to bad but I can handle it, its everyone else that rides with me that bitches and says its trashy. When I get the money to rhino line it Ill just take all my crap out and leave it out.
for the sound deading, defently dry ice. Works great. just put it ontop, let it sit for a bit (I waited till a little frost developed on the tar crap, but it was hot and humid that day, so results might vary) then with a small rubber mallet, I would lightly tap it, and it sepearted from the floor basicly no problem. Sometimes, I would take a long screwdriver and shove it under the tar and I would get plate size chuncks out.

Really, sound isn't too bad. I really didn't notice too much diffrence when I pulled the sound deading. When I had zero interior minus dash, door coverings (for window and door latch, didn't feel like taking out the little power box for a temperary gutting) and my seat, it wasn't that loud. Just a little hot if you put your hand in the wrong place (from sun)
well i started on it. i got almost everything ripped apart, but im having a hell of a time getting the damn dash out. i got the ac evaporator out, the blower fan out, radio and heatrer controls out, guage cluster, seats, entire rear interior, almost everything. i had to shove it all back in the car really quick cause it started raining, so im gonna work on it more tomorrow.

tomorrow if i can get the freaking dash out im gonna pull the heater core, and everything else under there i dont need like the firewall mat, and ducts and stuff. anyone know exactly where all the bolts are to get the dash out of a crx?
for the dash, make sure you look in the door jam and probally behind the gauge cluster. That is where it was at with my integra. Also, remember, once you take out the heatercore, you have to reloop your cooling hoses a little bit.
yea i know about the core, i can just loop the one line from the back around to the head near the dist.
Originally posted by GSRCRXsi@May 19 2005, 09:33 PM
yea i know about the core, i can just loop the one line from the back around to the head near the dist.
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Yep, thats all you really have to do. Just making sure you thought about it.
well its pretty much stripped now. i said fuck you to the dash, and just stripped everything with the dash in. got the heater core out (what a bitch to do with the dash in), re routed the water hoses, got the carpet out.

then i put the seats back in, but just the plastic center console piece back in (to look good and hold gauges in the future) and moved the radio to the glovebox. (gotta have tunes on the way to the track :) ) this way my car looks racey but still has some comfort, omg is that rice? :lol:

but i like how things are comming together, i like the way the car looks. i like the "mechanicalness" of it. i like seeing how everything works. and i like not seeing anything i dont need. all i have left to do is mount the glove box back in, and wire up and mount the tach. ill do all that tomorrow. although im still unsure how i want to mount the tach. i want it easily visable but also not in my way.