this board f'in rocks!!!

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i just checked our bandwidth.... since oct 2nd, (the rest for us each month is the 2nd at midnight)
Used / Threshold
4632 MB / 50000 MB

4.6 GB!!!! usually, come the 15th, we are over 20 GB of transfer. Granted, the site has been a LITLE slower the past month or so, but not THAT much-- 200 hits/ 3000 page views a day tops on average.

This gives us a shit load of bw to play with :) werd

:worthy: invision board


it means instead of 20, we have used 4.

this board has so much less overhead than phpbb did.

everytime you open a page, it is X bytes big... well, hosting is sold in both space for files, and transefer traffic.
so, if i had one big orgy that was 1 gb in size, 50 people could DL it in a month from without me getting my ass chewed out :)

that a more to life example?


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good example i could go to the dorms at my school and maybe get that done wow 1 gig worth of porn


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Is that 50GB of total transfer used over the month or is it an average daily transfer limit? Probably total transfer... but I'm curious.


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just curious, pm me if you want
who are you using for hosting?
I'm thinking about gettin a site that I can host huge amounts of data off of.
I'm talking 3-4GBor more of data, with transfers at least 50GB a day.


what i can get, and what we have are 2 different things. money talks, and for what we have, it can't be beat.

Me and ezra (hag owner) share a rack from

the 50 GB is traffic for a month, starting on the 2nd of each month. we bought 400 gb of traffic and 10 gb of space if memory serves.. hag uses abotu 100 gb of traffic, and i bought 50 from ez. if we need more, its there... my 'bill' to ezra goes up though.

last month we hit low 40's for traffic. this month we are on target for 17-20 tops.

and i think a good portion of it is this board.

our data right now sits around 80MB
lame huh? lol

considering theres not much for shit of pictures on the site. we have 1 gb of space... so we are currently using less than 1/10th of our file holding capacity. again, if needed, there ismore availble, but the price to ezra goes up (as he technically owns/rents the server and pays the bill, i jsut pay him. Neither of us could afford it on our own, and neither site would run off of normal hosts like, etc. it would cost so much. most accounts give you 100mb of space, and 4gb of traffic for $20 a month. we get 10x that. thats thats $200 a month on a normal sever. We pay a little less than that between the 2 sites.

Now, do you folks see why their are ads on the site? lol