this forum is bunk

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Where in Ark? I know of some Honda ppl in Bentonville/Rogers/Fayettville area and some down by Clarksville/Russelville.
<--- has OBX coilovers
I love this site. Everyone here is cool, we are lacking the large possy of assholes that has and you don't censor, which is why I left in the first place.
B i have learned so much shit from your site .. when i first got my civ i went straight to wingswest to look at body kits .. then i saw the sun (hondaswap) and ditched all ideas of getting kits, wings, lights etc...
so thanks B for showing all of us the light
i am the same way, i have learned so much useful info on this site, now if only i could have some cash to put the knowledge to good use. (being a sixteen year old car enthosist (spelling sucks but i tryed) is not a good combination if your not supported by your parents.

When i first got into actual hondas, it was because of dad, taught me to like hondas, fast and the ferrious tought me to rice i mean race hondas. I wanted to buy a sol, put a big spoiler on it, body kit and just about every other rice thing (including green squirters) This site taught me thats bad.
yeah i like this site alot too. i have watched it grown over the few months since its been open and i really like the people here. everyone here contributes SOMETHING to the site no matter how big or small the contribution is. everyone here gets along well and there never seems to be any disbutes and if there is, it is ALWAYS handled in a dignified way. so i say to hell with those other sites who act as if their shit dont stink and lets all move ahead into the new year and make HondaSwap even greater than what it is. and oh yeah, Brian gets the utmost respect from me because he does just about everything to the site and no one hardly gives him the credit when the credit is due. he is a hardworker and he is THE main reason why HondaSwap is here. big props to ya Brian and keep up the good work...and oh yeah, dont stay soo pissed off all the time...LOL
I think that we need to all help to get some accurate info for our reference section. Then we need to cut some of the post whoring out of anything goes.
in regards to how everyone here gets along and there seems to be a lack of childish attitudes...i think alot of it is due to the name "" think about it..the only people who would visit would be those interested in something engine related. just my 2 cents
i think this site rocks my two cents is to keep it the same not change anything and start telling everyone with a phat ride not all riced out to come check it out. and where do we get the stickers at i need two bad
stickers are sold out- we will get more somtime.....
The stickers really help, I was just going to ask about that. If I were you I wouldn't leave the .com, because I know a bunch of people that don't type in the .com and they let their browser put it in there for them. But, maybe you should go for the fourms? like I don't know make sure that they know they are coming to the site for a fourm....because if you ask me thats mostly what this site is, I mean other than getting called a noob here and there for not looking into the other stuff you have on the site....But All and all...Stickers....I want some, and keep the fourm thing in mind...
Great site - love all the info - learned lots and continue to learn every day from this site. I think jeff is right - get the info that you have accurate. Anything Goes is some of the glue that holds all these different people together but sometimes it gets a little carried away. Great site - lots of good work - lots of good people don't throw out the good with the bad!
look, there are almost 6,000 posts in Anything Goes, thats where everyone hangs out. Not everyone may have a problem or need info at that time, but when they do need help no matter what the question is, everyone comes to hondaswap. Hondaswap OWNZ! Everyone loves to come here because they feel they are in good company. You should be proud of that Brian. BTW, there is a consistency with the tech part of the forums:

What should I swap? About to break 900 Posts
Civic / CRX / del Sol / Integra about to be 850 Posts
Engine Building getting close to 900 Posts
Misc Tech/Chassis closer to 900 Posts
Wheels / Suspension / Brakes / Tires at the Cursed number of 666!

Get the picture. Hondaswap went down at the end of September and Look how far the forum has come. Forget about Honda-Tech they are a bunch of pussies that don't know what they are talking about. And hyphens in the address is just :ghey:

I will be here as long as hondaswap is here! :worthy:
Originally posted by jeff@Nov 7 2002, 12:09 AM
I think that we need to all help to get some accurate info for our reference section. Then we need to cut some of the post whoring out of anything goes.

:werd: on the 1st part

I think swap talk and honda tech is our school and the members corner is our play ground. with out anythings goes this place would be pretty boring. with the whoring and the stupid things we do here a lot of have became friends.
theres no need for a change ... the site is growing well ... there are some glitches but they will be fixed... there is a lot of good info here... and the people here arent the arrogant assholes like at honda-tech (not all of them but theres a LOT).... oh sorry we have a little fun here and they dont like that ... fuck em
Brian -

I've got and open as well as the venerable ... hit me up.