this guy needs to run the US

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that guy was fired up....must be a good time when he goes into his kids "parent day" and speaks about his job
That guy is always fired up. all the time. gogogogoGOGOGOgogogogoGOGOGOGOGOGOG!!
"You know, were not rich like yall.....but one day, we WILL be. Because...we have...Barack OBAMA..."


Anyone who has heard this audio, its scary.
You know it blows me away that people have no fucking clue that Obama is talking directly to them when he is at his town hall meeting or whatever talking about people needing to be responsible and not helping those who fucked around. They honestly believe that Obama is talking about all the evil Republican Neo Con capitalists fault. We have gone way past the wool over the eyes here people, we have people wrapped in a wool coccon.