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My question is, how do you people cope with things. Before I get busted on left and right lemme clarify, this isn't a topic intended to cause flaming, so whatever is said in the thread, just deal with it cause I will, and I'm only asking those who can relate actually hardships, and I don't mean coping with piddly selfish stuff, like getting a ticket of whatnot. How do you cope with things like say a family close member's loss of life? I'm asking cause something of this magnitude has happened to me, and I'm not sure if it correlates to the level drug use and alcohol abuse that I've be partaking in lately...My family is trying to get me into greenleaf cause I've been getting arrested alot. I understand that I'm fubar but who isn't? It's volutnary, the greenleaf thing, and I don't know if I should go...

I know this is seriously off topic but all of my friends are morons and do nothing but crack jokes.
find yourself an AA meeting.

i had what i like to call an alcohol problem...
i haven't drank in 17 days and i plan on steering clear of it. find some other shit to do. lift weights, get a dog, go jogging, jerk off, work on your car, read a book...

do anything but abuse man. i wasted away the last half of my teenage years being fucked up as can be... and i loved it.. but now it's time to get to the school work and realize that i need to make something of myself other than the drunk kid that can't remember what he did and has to ask why everyone is pissed off at him
I'd say go for it. Drugs just fuck you up, in every way possible. I've seen 50 different people (5 family) ruin there lives over 50 different drugs. The sooner you can change your ways, the better. Good luck bro.
I spent from about 15 till 17 completely drunk off my ass. Everynight, going out and shit. It was out of control and I was loving it. No school (homeschooled) and nothing better to do, but I lost a REALLY good friend to a drug overdose (shot himself) and since then, i woke up and realized it was no way to live my life. When you sit there and think of the 2 yrs I wasted being fucked up, I didn't get to do anything to memoriable with him, so now the memories i have, arne't good ones.

Seriously man, go to the voluntary place and go through rehab and whatever else it takes. Its not worth hurting the ones you love.

(p.s. almost 2 yrs and haven't drank HARD.. just occasionally :))
In order to cope, you have to be determined.

In order to be determined, you must realise your selfworth.

In order for you to realise that self worth, you need not take drugs, drink alcohol, etc.

(thus, stop the drugs and alcohol (you only get stupider). get a fucking job. stop getting in trouble with the law. start caring about your life, or it'll end up in the shitter/coffin.)
well... i cant say i know what its like cause i havent been there, but will say best of luck gettin stuff strait man
my suggestion:

whenever you find the urge to do whatever drug or drinking you do, go out and work on your car instead of wasting time on that other stuff. i have knowm minitruckers that have made badass trucks while trying to quit smoking/drinking or doing drugs. when they got the urge to do that stuff, they would go out and work on their trucks until they feel the urge has left them. plus 2, you will be putting your money into something you can be proud of instead of spending money and getting busted and having your ass hauled away to jail. shit i been to jail before and ITS NOT FUN!! i DO NOT wish jail upon anyone nor do i ever wanna see one of my Honda buddies going there. use your energy and money to go towards your car and build the baddest ride you possibly can, who knows, you could have your car in a magazine and be proud of it instead of having it sit in the Impound Yard. with that said, go outside and start wrenching :D
I think that your ready to quit because you at least you had the balls to come here and say that you have a problem. One of my former good freinds messed with the wrong crowd (has always been a follower) and in the past 3 years, i have seen his life get totally fucked up due to alchol and drugs. Best advise is to make new freinds who enjoy things other than partying. Hell find some ford guys and try to get with them and be the only import in there group :) And do what Brian E. said, spend your money towards your car instead of 40's. Go into the rehab program and stay determined. Good luck bro -_-
While I was in basic two close friends OD'ed and died,a couple others OD'ed with hospital time.A girl I knew when I was fourteen is living as a live in slave in some heroin dealers house pretty much whoring for dope.For me between fifteen and twenty eight is a blur.I have been shot three times stabbed,robbed,jail,all that crap,my x girlfriend just recently got out for felony possession and grand larceny.For me the answer was the military,as far removed as I could get from my way of thinking,and believe me,it is.Do I still drink,oh yea,still want to return to the life,no doubt,will I,NO.I have a wife now and a child on the way.I tried to straighten out a few times,but had no reason to,now I do.It isn't going to be the same for any two people bro.You have to want to do it,nihilism can set in and you eventually don't want to change,just keep destroying yourself.For me hobbies have alway helped,hmmm...get really wasted for a few days or get the header?get the header dude.
I can tell you something from experience. The only person that can help you is yourself. I have been down that road. I used to drink, smoke, drugs, the whole nine. I had a lot of family problems and that's how I thought I would rebel against it all. It took me a long time to realize what I was doing to myself. Sometimes you have to fall on your face hard to wake up but if you don't have to, don't go down that road. I would advice you to talk to someone. Someone that will listen and will not judge you for what has gone on in your life. I would advise you to drop all the people that you've been hanging out with that get in the same kind of trouble. I actually packed a suitcase and moved 6 states away to get straight. I know it sounds all parent like but those around you who are getting in trouble are not going to help you when it all hits the fan. I know that because I have been through it. It took years for me to realize.

I'm not trying to go all Zen on you but go with in. Ask questions. I find that if you write things down it helps too. Write down what pisses you off, write down things you want to do, write down where you want to be in your life. Someone said to work on your car and that is also a great idea. Do something productive. The first step in the process is realizing where you are an acepting the situation. The next is to change and move forward. Don't give up either. It took me 7 years but I did it. It really helps to have someone in your corner be it god or your mother or just someone who has always been telling you that you're worth it. Take baby steps , then crawl, then walk and soon you'll be running and nothing will bring you down. Remember that there are people in worse situations who have made it and are doing well and you are capable of the same. Never give up bro.

How do I cope/deal with shit? I don't. If I'm upset- fuck that, pissed right the fuck off- about something, i get in my car, drive 55 mph in the right lane on the highway, crank up some trance, and just drive and get my head back. before i know it, i've driven for 3 hours, and half forgot why i started driving in the first place.

What you DON'T want to do is get in your car and drive like a :fr: - it will only hurt you more again, or just as bad, your car. don't take it out on her :p

As far as going to meetings/groups- I think its really over rated. Its YOU who is going to get YOU to stop doing the things YOU don't want to do anymore. Get it in YOUR head, and you will get your self out of it. No one but yourself is making you pick up shit at the liquor store, or calling someone over with some dope. its you. stop yourself, and thats all you need to do.

being sober is a LOT better than federal fuck me in the ass prison.
:werd: I mean really where I live everyone does shit like everyday. All the jocks, even the nerds are stoners but really you got to be your ownself and do what you want to do and know what is right. You make the decisions not someone else so if you decide to call the dealer to get high its you who did, and when you end up in like B said, federal fuck meh in the ass prison, its you who sent yourself there not your family's problems anymore. You are the problem at that point, coping is out of the question a new and fresh life style is what is needed.

My mom is a School Family Relationship Advocate and teaches classes :p about this shit so I know how not be a fuck up and how my dad's family was and kind of is.