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Okay, so dont worry about your little computer speakers - they aren't getting worked on.

This is the student-AES chapter of MTU's Winter Carnival Statue Thread. The basic design is a three-way stereo -> mono sub system with some complementary rear noise makers (this will not be a surround driven system, just stereo).

For more info on WC, look here: 2007 Winter Carnival

Here's some initial build photos:





Above are pictures of the Subbass compression chamber. It will hold 6 18" woofers.


Here are the 18"s.


18"s on the couch with the Midbass compression enclosures on the second tier.

Total build description to follow.
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System includes(has been/will be edited to reflect final design):

Member's computer with optical out, s/pdif

Dual Behringer DCX2496 6-channel crossover/eq/etc. Fed by optical through: optical splitter -> optical/coax convertor -> standard unbalanced rca to xlr

9 Behringer EP2500's, and 1 Crown XLS602. Something around 20,000 Watts total.

Front, per side
Highs: 8 Selenium 2" dome compression drivers -> 1" throat horns
Mids: 16 5" sealed back MCM cone drivers (not horn loaded)
Midbass: 6 Selenium 15"s -> ~4' deep snow horn with 4'-by-8' mouth and 7'-by-2" throat
Subbass(mono): 6 Electrovoice 18"s -> ~15' deep snow horn with 15'-by-'ft mouth and an 18" throat

Back, per side
Highs: 3 Eminence 2" dome compression drivers -> 1" throat horns
Lows: 6 Selenium/EV 15"s (not horn loaded)

Amps -> Drivers
highs: Behrginer EP2500, stereo
mids: Beh-EP, stereo
midbass: two Beh-EP's running bridged, one per side
subbass: three Beh-EP's run bridged, one EP per pair of 18"s

highs: Crown XLS, stereo
lows: Beh-EP, stereo

Beyond that its just snow horns and about a 1/8 mile of wire.
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You can find our past projects here: MTU Audio Engineering Society . The 2004 statue is like a mini-me of this year's statue - similar in design, no comparison in any other way.

edit: We will not be installing the midbass and subbass enclosures to their horns tonight - apparently the Super Bowl is more important, so it better not suck. I will have pics of the statue site tomorrow.
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Here are some Snow Statue pictures.




Backside of the front setup, big hole is for the sub horn.



This is how the statue will be arranged - slightly easier to see when i post final install pics.


Rear tower setup.
um, so these are just going to sit in the snow?

I'm missing the whole point of this project.... what is it?
1) To get loud as fuck. That seemed pretty obvious to me. We're going to saturate the county with Rock- and yes, you can hear it from quite a distance. We have gotten phone calls and police reports from miles around - some of them from places our statue isn't even pointed toward.

2) To build horns out of wood/steel this size would cost a billion times the amount snow costs - which is cheap beyond time and labor. So our fun lasts about 4 days out of the year.

3) Another "point" to doing this is because we have an annual snow statue building competition that takes over the area - we have school off a half a week just because of it. On campus, student groups and greeks compete in statue building. We just try to make sure our's goes to 11 (notice, we are automatically DQ'ed because we use non-snow aka speakers/etc).

4) Last, but not least is the All-Nighter this Wednesday. Certain groups build statues in one night (most crews have been out for the past few weeks) and compete. Everyone - everyone - comes out at night from about 5pm-? to drink and look at the statues. We make use of the time to entertain as long as we can which usually comes down to the police telling us to shut it down around 5-6am.
Some more progress:





Hard to see, but the 6 15's reside behind this 7'by2" exit.


Rear "fill" setup, if you will, with drivers installed. Open drivers like this (horns, mids, etc) are screwed to wood baffles and the baffles are slushed into the statue/pillars.


This is the front of the compression enclosure for the subwoofers. The front is double thick 3/4" MDF soaked in fiberglass resin, it is attached using 1/2" threaded rod to increase the chances of reusing the enclosure. Exit is surrounded by 2x4 to ensure better throat termination to the horn. The whole enclosure is actually double thick 3/4" MDF. Where you see all the layers near the front is actually a 5-or-6" wide by 3/4" strips stacked to create the front chamber. We estimated the weight, with drivers, to be around 700lbs. It is 66x48x15".
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More pictures:


Close up of the 5" mids and 2" horns up front.



Sub compression box.


Shot of the sub in the horn.




Here is the Uhaul which hosted our source/amps for the evening.
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