Thoughts on this computer?


I'm just about that action Boss.
Thinking about buying this computer. Don't feel like waiting for black friday. Thoughts? I've never owned an HP before and I'm very hesitant. Was going to buy a dell 7000 13.3" or asus zenbook with the older m processor but the specs on this are pretty solid. HD space doesn't bother me, as I use google drive for mostly everything. Chime in @TurboMirage

I need to run office suite, some analysis tools, basic crap. Doubt I will game on it.

Also looking at this.

or this.
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Does this come with power cord? Any accesories? Other than batter
Yes, this came with a power cord. Unfortunately, it did not come with batter. The package did include eggs, milk and flour so I was able to make the batter myself.
By CheeseyTots on November 16, 2015
you must by the hp just on that alone. lol

i have no experience with these new comvertibles. honestly, if i was in the market for something like this, i'd be looking at the surface pro 3 (last gen) for the price


x2 surface pro 3 but the add-on keyboard/touchpad sucks and you'll lose the $50 pen since you can only slide it in a loop on the add-on.

the yoga is stout but feels cheap. the dotted touchpad will make your finger feel funny.

i wouldnt buy any pavilion in HPs consumer line. we have an x2 netbook at the office it feels like a $50 android tablet. there is a HUGE difference in quality between consumer and business with HP. even with my consumer branded OMEN, i have one with a bad battery that needed a 2 week turnaround (out of the box). and now my system has 1 of the 3 fans failing (which may require being sent out, ugh). both machines have "onsite" warranty...

the inspiron appears to be the nicest but get a warranty.


I'm just about that action Boss.
Thanks for input.

I'd prefer laptop first then tablet 2nd. Kind of why I'm leaning towards 2 in 1.