Tokico Illuminas Vs. Kyb Agx's

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I recently bought a 91 CRX Si. I just acquired a set of Eibach Sportlines but have yet to install them. I could've gotten Tein coilovers but I didn't want to spend $1000+. So lemme cut to the chase, which is better? The Tokico Illuminas or the KYB AGX's?
Im running eibach sportlines and tokico illuminas-

I like the separation of the adjustments on the illuminas- you can make it bumpy as hell or make it ride like stock. They look great (not that it matters) and are very nicely made. 2 complaints though-

The little plastic thing on the top to adjust the settings is CRAP. The writing came off after 2 adjust ments, and it feels like im about to break it whenever adjust it. Also- the threaded piece on the top of the shock broke off because i was tightening it down quite hard b/c the rear shocks were squeaking. Im not sure if it broke cause it was cheaply made or i was torqueing the nut way to hard- but it still works and doesnt really affect anything.

I like the location of where the adjustment knob is on the tokicos more than the kyb's.

For the money- I would have rather gotten KYB's. Tokicos are a little more money. Get the KYB's.
FYI i can get the tokicos for $398 shipped and i can get the kyb's for about the same from which is better performance/balance (daily driven/weekend warrior type deal)? quality? i wanna hear as much about both of them as i can before i decide.
oh, if the price is the same id go with the tokicos. Both are adjustable so you can change the way it rides.
I have illumina's wrapped with Ground Control's. I love the ride. I have also rode in KYB's with Ground controls. Very similar ride. I like the craftsmanship of the illumina's better personally. As for the #'s comming off when adjusting. The same happens on KYB's. No way to get around it!
I like my KYB's. But I'd rather have yellows...I think you'll be just as equally happy with any quality adjustable shock. You get the picture.

Whatever is easiest on your wallet is what I'd recommend. Other than that, they all serve their purpose.
I love my KYBs...

You should be able to pull a set for just over $300 shipped. Go check around on Group Buy Center- there's always a buy being run by someone for AGXs. Usually it's by Cox Imports.
KYB's all the way... They cost a bit more than the illuminas, but its well worth the money... I'm getting koni yellows this summer.. :P if you have the money get them.. they are kick ass and have a life time warranty..

my two cents...
The KYB's are tight. But if i had the cash i would have got the KONI yellows.
I have the Illuminas in my 96 Civic Hatch with Eibach springs (Tokico Advanced Handling Kit). They work really well with my Toyo Proxes. The 5 setting is all you'd need for racing, and the 1 setting is almost stock. At a local autocross event I beat a late model Porsche Carerra and one C5, if that's any testament to the handling.
dude- i don't mean to be an ass, but toyo proxese are probably the worst tire ever made next to nitto 450's
I have a 90 CRX Si, just called Ground Control their ground control coil-over kit with KYB AGX shocks shipped was about $700, with the Tokico, about $790 shipped. Plus the $250 camber kit for front and back if you want to do it right. This was qouted to me over the phone for my car. Just thought I'd share, I'm gonna get the KYB. I'll post how I like them when I get them installed.