Tons Of Civic Ek Stuff For Sale!

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For sale or trade for an Apexi V-afc

96-00 Civic coupe sunroof (came out of a 99 si) Perfect condition comes with glass, motor, tray, interior swith, great replacement or for custom aplication. Best offer.

96-00 Civic coupe rear glass window came out of a 99 si. Best offer

96-00 Civic d-series hydro tranny (may work on 92-95) came out of a 97 EX w/60K no slips or grinds great condition. Best offer.

96-00 civic floor carpet great condition dark gray. Best offer

96-00 EX gauge cluster Perfect condition great upgrade for a DX or any other civic without a tachometer. Best offer.

96-00 Civic coupe front and back seats. absolutly perfect condition Gray in color. Best offer.

96-98 Civic front bumper black good condition. Best offer.

Sprint PCS cell phone. LG 4Ne1 only 6months old. web compatible had digital and analog Great phone. Best offer.

email me at if you want to offer some cash or an Apexi V-afc. I have money so if you ant something plus some cash we could work something out too. Thanks!!
Originally posted by WannabeSI@Feb 7 2003, 09:43 PM
96-00 civic floor carpet great condition dark gray. Best offer

i want this, you have an email :)
Originally posted by WannabeSI@Feb 8 2003, 12:43 AM
96-00 Civic d-series hydro tranny (may work on 92-95) came out of a 97 EX w/60K no slips or grinds great condition. Best offer.

where do you live? the tranny is a 5 speed right? how much do you want for it?
I live in spokane washington and I am accepting offers. I do have an offer right now that might be going through so let me know.
hey wannabe...thanks for responding to my emails. i really appreciate you wasting my time, and my overnight fee after telling me the transmission was mine. it would have been much more appreciated if you would have just been honest and at least answered when i asked what happened instead of making me think i had a transmission on it's way. but hey everyone, he's not a thief, he did at least send my money back.
Originally posted by jeffsciv23@Mar 17 2003, 11:00 AM
hey it wasn't his fault, i offered him more money and told him i would pick it up. sorry :unsure:

i understand that. but he didn't reply to emails, nor answer phone calls. i waited for several days with no response. i told him the night before i sent the money and he said the tranny was mine. i sent the money and didn't hear anything for a while and he emailed me saying that he didn't catch them when they came by the first time with the money and the second time either so they took it to the post office, where he said he would get it and sent the transmission. all that time i waited on a transmission, with no reply from him. then i just get the money back, without the overnight fee i paid. if he wanted to sell it to you, that's cool, i understand you offered more money, but he shouldn't have told me it was mine and for me to send the money. cause that just wasted my time and almost 15 dollars. that's going back on your word if you ask me. so yes, the fault is his. but again let me stress he isn't a thief, i'm not trying to scare off buyers. he did send the money back at least. just make sure he's straight with you and he doesn't sell something he told you was yours to someone else. God bless.
I am really sorry about that my computer has been down for quite some time so I was unable to let you know about it. I was offered more from jeffciv23 the night i got your money. since i wouldnt have to ship it and i would get more money that was obviously the better route. I do apologize for the inconvenience.

had someone beat my offer, that's one thing. but the money i sent was a price you set. but it's in the past now. but do yourself a favor and be careful to be more forward with people in the future so that they don't waste their money overnighting things. the overnight charge was about as much as a full tank of gas for my car. what really sucks is i ended up getting a tranny from a 1.5...oh well.