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hey can anyone tell me how fast i was going??

1991 crx with dohc zc, si trans, 185-65?/14s, 7800rpm rev limiter, 5th gear(i was on a two lane highway, taking up both left and right lanes, could hardly keep the damn thing on the road, sounded like it was gonna blow up.)

and ive had my porsche ALMOST 120, that really sounds like its gonna blow up. but shit it sounds like its gonna blow up when its idling. anyone wanna buy it?? come on no takers?? :D
95 gs-r with short ram intake and apex n1 exhaust - 140 at 8k rpm

i was scared like a beeotch but my evil friend in the passenger seat wasn't. on 85N in GA at 2am with no one on the road. the gsr handled well at the speed i was pleasantly surprised.

havent gone anywhere near that since then.

i maxed out my 96 DX hatch at 120 all the way to the fuel cut in 4th, the sohc hampster couldn't handle it anymore in 5th (speed started dropping) and called it quits.
i had a Go-Ped that was all tricked out clocked at 32 mph
Originally posted by E_SolSi@Jun 12 2003, 12:54 AM
a lot of europe uses miles per hour

No, they all use metric system. I think the US is the only country that still use's mph, feet, inches, pounds, and all that other dooky.
Posted on Jun 23 2003, 01:45 AM
265 mph
In a zylin 356 acrobat

Being a pilot kicks so much ass

Damn man. That is insane.
Originally posted by 92b16vx+Jun 23 2003, 11:38 AM-->
@Jun 12 2003, 12:54 AM
a lot of europe uses miles per hour

No, they all use metric system. I think the US is the only country that still use's mph, feet, inches, pounds, and all that other dooky.

thats because its the english measuring system, which is used by the US

not metric which is used in Europe and most everywhere else.
i burried the speedo(120) at about 7000rpms in forth and it was still pulling, put it into 5th (and it still pulled) for about a second and saw what looked like a Police van so i shut it down and braked hard :blink: turns out it was nothing but a guy in a black chevy van takin a piss on the side of the road :rolleyes:

I hit 135mph spraying on a dodge stealth on I-565 in Huntsville, AL. Aftermarket ECU got rid of the fuel cutoff. It was fun, but i shut it down before I broke something.
-112 in my 1989 nissan sentra liftback
-120ish 1986 accord lx with 256,000 miles on it
-117ish 1988 civic dx (down big hill)
-95 1993 plymoth sundance
-85 1988 crosica
-120 1992 civic cx
-105 in 4speed dodge colt
-135ish 1990 prelude turbo as driver 140ish as passenger
-110 in 1994 twin turbo supra( 1st dat my friend had the car)
-160 as a passenger in same car before the motor blew. we were on our way to top it off
Originally posted by JDMH22Integra@Jun 13 2003, 10:39 AM

2001 Mustang - 115 (to hell with governors)

what the fuk are you talking about? all the new mustangs aren't goverened until 137mph.
i've personally taken my Stang up to 135mph and i didn't hit the governor.

The fastest i've ever gone was about 166mph on my CBR600F3 about 2 years ago on the 405 freeway going southbound from Torrance to Long Beach at 6:40am, i was going to be late for class so i just opened up the throttle all the way to see what it can do and how fast it can get me there. I think it was 166 cuz it went past 165 and then i shut it down. too fukin scary to be on a bike at that speed on the freeway. i'm thankful nothing happened to me.
mine is 130 in my 1991 accord lx , it has a wet 50 shot of nitrous but i wasn't using it at the time, what is the actual policy for police like at what speed can they take you to jail and how old do you have to be and all, can a certain speed be considered a felony and does it vary from state to state or what
And the best part is I am only 1 year from completion and then is onto advanced flight training

Fast Jet Baby Fast Jet


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