top ten reasons....

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Here are the top 10 resons to have a (big American RWD V8 drag)race car as
your daily driver, according to a letter in Car Craft magazine by Jay Glenn.

1. The rollcage is an excellent place to hang your dry cleaning.

2. You can practice transbrake launches at stoplights.

3. There's finally a way to drown out the thumping subwoofers of the Honda
sitting next to you.

4. Wheelie bars double as curb feelers.

5. Five point harnesses "lift and separate" the anatomy of female

6. If it's true that your car is an extension of your manhood, you've got
555 cubic inches.

7. All life forms are sucked into the Dominator before getting a chance to
hit the windshield.

8. The 3 foot tall Pro Stock hood scoop is easy to spot in parking lots.

9. Window netting is very effective against mosquitoes carrying the West
Nile virus.

10. One word for tailgaters: parachute.

I think I'll need to work on my own list for import/road race cars. Any
contributions would be welcome.

The only ones I could think up right off the bat are:

1. Plenty of room for groceries since removing passenger seat.

2. Being able to smoke the Mustang and/or Camaro in the next lane while
still getting 28 MPG.

3. Gutted interiors don't look good to thieves.
Originally posted by PixXxieGuy@Nov 8 2002, 04:36 PM
4. How many 4 inch potatoes have you ever seen?

that one i like :lol:

same with this one

5. Five point harnesses "lift and separate" the anatomy of female
yeah but so does the trunk of a del sol ( and people thought the CRV was the first honda with a picnic table equipped standard )