Torque Specs. On A Gsr Block

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Junior Member
I am currently building a B18C1 with a .20 over bore

9:1 JE Pistons w/ total seal rings and Eagle Rods

My friend that was helping me is in the hospital
and I need help with the torque specs.

How many lbs. do I torque the Crank and Rods to?

any other suggestions to help me build the block?

also if anyone knows the torque specs on the head.

Thanks! :unsure:
hey, well the torque specs should have come witht the rods...but if not, if i remember correctly, mine on my eagle rods were either 28ft/lbs. or 32ft/lbs. Why dont you go to a dealership..thats what i did, cuz my buddies dad works there....and have them print off a complete list of specs on ur motor, and that will give you everything you need, even the specs on valve cover nuts.