Traded the Taco for an F150

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I've been towing and hauling people around more frequently, so the Taco was just not cutting it. I traded it on this '16 F150 Platinum with 33k on it. So many stupid options I didn't think I'd ever care about but I'm loving it so far.

Plans: un-grandpa this thing, and call it good. Ordered so far:
  • Sub, box, amp
  • 4" lift, 35x12.50s
  • Intake
  • Bigger turbs
  • Downpipes
  • Intercooler
  • Tune

In other news, I closed on another duplex that I'll be moving into/renovating etc. starting at the end of the week. Buuut that brings me to a dilemma. I'm too busy with house, jobs, travel, karting, and living to have time to put into fixing up a car right now so the S2K is going to be sold. I do have a deposit on a C8 Z06, but I'll be lucky to see that within 3 years so I'm thinking about getting something else in the mean time. I've thought through my list but I want to hear HS's suggestions. It must be:
  • Fun to drive
  • RWD or maaaybe AWD
  • Dual duty capable (track and rip around town)
    • Note: track capable without a ton of work lol
  • ~$120k max
Really open to whatever, but some things I've been considering:
  • Cayman GT4
  • Built R35 (~1kwhp range)
  • Stock-ish R32
  • GT500
  • E46
Anything I'm forgetting?

Also, your truck is worth more than the house across the street :D