trans/axle concern

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i have a b16a with a J1 trans been building the car for sometime now. well i was doing one last inspection on the car and found the passenger side axle seal looks like its leaking. i install new axle seals before i put the swap in. i moved the axle alil bit and i have some play up and down. i was thinking the axle may not be seated all the way which im hoping thats all it is and not a problem with the trans itself. the axle looks to be seated all the way in.the drivers side is good. the axles are for a 92 gsr(brand new) i could use some help. thanks
if someone could tell me if the spline part of the axle that goes into the transmission side is longer on the passager side then the one that goes into the int.shaft i believe that is were my problem is.
figured it out. the company boxed the one axle wrong and i got 2 driver side axles got a new axle today installed it and good to go. im just glad i double checked everything