Transmission gasket

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Hey guys, I have a 95 civic with a 99 usdm b18c1 motor and 5 speed transmission. Lately, Ive been getting small puddles of what looked like oil underneath the car. So I took it to my local mechanic and he said that the whole transmission gasket is leaking and that it will cost 1100 to repair (just by looking at it for like 2min). I am positive he is trying to rip me off so I figure I can change this gasket myself but I dont know where I can buy the part nor which gasket he is reffering to. I searched online and I couldnt find this gasket/seal. Any input on how to go about repairing this and where I can get the part would be great. Also, Any recommendations on a good quality clutch that isnt too expensive for this setup? I figure I can do that too while I have everything out. Thanks.
I havent noticed a gasket in my transmission, but i did have to tighten where the tranny case splits, on the bottom side.
After i tightened mine it didnt leak at all again.
As for the clutch, Exedy makes good quality cheap clutches.
ebay is your friend.