Transmission problems, very weird

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I just got done putting an H22 in my 4th gen prelude, and I'm having a weird tranny-related problem.

When I first tried to drive the car, the car moved, but disengaged from first gear. It just rolled to a stop. Now, here's the things I gathered to try and figure this thing out, but I'm just stumped.

I tried to place the car into gear w/o putting in the clutch. First thru Fourth gear have no problems, no grinding, etc, as if the tranny is stuck in neutral. Fifth gear and Reverse grinded on me. So, I put the clutch pedal in, shifted into both gears, and released the clutch pedal without gas. The engine didn't stall at all.

Now, I'd assume since the clutch pedal keeps me from grinding when I shift into those two gears, that the clutch disc/pressure plate is all good. However, I can't figure out why it wouldn't stall the car at all.

What should I check? Could the linkage be out of adjustment enough to not get the tranny into any gears? Should I still assume that the clutch disc is not right? Is there something I could check with the clutch fork/throwout bearing without removing the tranny? Does the tranny just sound broken?

I'm totally baffled by these problems. If anyone can give a suggestion, it'd be appreciated.

Thank you for the responses. I'll take a look at the cables, I know the bracket is bolted down but I haven't checked the adjustment on them.

After that, I'll take another look at the clutch. I don't know why that would be, seeing as the clutch works fine for 5th and reverse, short of not stalling. I also didn't really have to force the tranny into the engine block, it slid right in after aligning the teeth of the main tranny shaft with the clutch disc.

Thanks for the suggestions, if anyone has more, please let me know.