Transmission Question

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I just got a new clutch installed about 6 weeks ago, it works great but the transmission makes a loud whistle noise when I start it and let the clutch out if I haven't drove it for a while! Also it seems like its getting harder to shift and more notchy! Does this sound like maybe just the fluid is low or do I have bigger problems! Thanks for any help!
Yeah, check your fluid, the tough to shift part sounds like your fluid is low. What kind of clutch did you get? Did you break it in properly?
Its a ACT stage 3 clutch/Extreme preasure plate, it was installed by a local shop and I went slow and did no launches for 500 miles so it should be broke in pretty good! The weather was snowy when I got it so it helped to make me drive slow and break it in right! I think the fluid must have been getting low because it seemed to get harder to shift the last few days and even grinded if I shifted into 5th!
Check your fluid level... unbolt the top filler screw/bolt in your tranny, then stick your pinky in there to see if there's fluid. If you can feel fluid all the way to the edge of the hole, you're good. If not, add some. Make sure you do this on a level surface.
Thanks for the quick replies, does anyone know if you can use the tranny off a H22 with and LSD on an F-series motor! I was told the trannies were interchangable on the h and F series and does anyone know where to get an LSD equiped tranny for a good price! I was considering getting a Phantom Grip LSD but am thinking if I can get the h22/Lsd tranny for cheap then that would be much better tranny altogether! Stonger and better gearing! What do you think?
It bolts up nicely. I'd stay away from Phantom Grip, get a Honda LSD H22 tranny like you said, or a bare H22 tranny with a Quaife LSD.
Anyone else have any problems with 5th gear, when I shift up to 5th it grinds! I saw that Honda had put out a a warning that this may happen and to bring it in to be checked! However since there is nothing stock on my car I am sure they won't fix mine! Any idea's on where to get a cheap H22 tranny?
Well I talked to some Honda guys and they said this grinding is common in 98-02 Accords, but only in 5th gear, so they said if I double clucth it won't grind, and I tried it, it works. So for anyone having this problem all you have to do is when you shift from 4th to 5th push in the clutch and put it in Nuetral, then let off the clutch and the gas. Then push the clutch in and shift to 5th. I tried it about 10 times and works good so far, luckily its 5th so I never get to 5th when racing! Also I'm glad to hear its not just my car doing this, I was worried that the Turbo was killing the tranny already! But if anyone has a cheap H22 tranny with LSD let me know!