Trying To Find A Crx

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I'm trying to find a 90-91 crx manual, and model,. and so far no luck... all of the ones on autotrader nearby are either sold or really overpriced, and ebay is riddled with a bunch of rustbuckets...can someone please point me to a different source where I can look for a running crx?
do you have a local publication like the bargain trader. someone posted an ad in my local trader for a 90 crx si and they wanted $1500. this is a common price where i live at and they can usually be talked down or found for a little less. depending on where your at this may or may not be a good price... i paid $800 for my 91 dx and it runs great as is......only thing i had to do was put a piece of glass in the driver side door and a window regulator.... i bought the entire door at a local junkyard with the window and regulator for $65....... good luck and with enough searching you'll find what your looking for....
i found my crx in the classified ads of my local newspaper..
if you were willing to make the drive your not that far from where i live and you could possibly find one here....i'm in north carolina......try looking at they have a section for cars for sale.....Honda-tech has a section of classifieds that sell only cars....good luck......
i got a 89 same body style as the 90-91, an mines the light one HF :D i got it for $450, broken pasanger window, i got a new one for $35, needs a new clutch didn't bother, little rust on the rear fender i'll sand it out an do the body work, so i got a good deal i think. I know one for sale right now $700 89CRX Si minor rust on the rear fender an damaged motor still runs, H&R springs, c/f altezzas, catback exhaust forget the brand.