Turbo Exhaust Recommendations

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Looking for everyones thoughts on exhaust sizing for an H22 Turbo. Originally thinking 2.5 in. Anyone have a turbo lude with upgraded exhaust recommendations?
maybe like 3 in because turbo exhausts need the released back pressure because of the turbo being on the exhaust manifold. I would just have an exhaust shop build you a cat back system using a rear section or muffler of your choice.
a general rule of thumb is if you are making 250 whp or less, 2.5 in will be fine, but 3 in would make more power. After 250 whp a 2.5 inch exhaust is a seroius bottleneck
check out the thermal r&d 3" turbo cat-back system. or just do what slammed said and pick a turbo muffler and take it to your exhaust shop and have them build you a custom 3" mandrel bent system using your muffler of choice.