Turbo/High Octane

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Try contacting Jim at Hyperformance Tuning in the Netherlands....the expert on Turbo Honda's and japanese car's on mainland Europe.

www.hyperformancetuning.com info@hyperformancetuning.com

He himself drives in a Integra Type-R with the B18C6 he had the Drag Gen 3 kit on there with an updgraded turbo from Garrett.....he was at 346HP on his setup, built block and all.... although now that kit is in my brothers hatch running a T28 turbo.... he himself went to a Greddy Tubro(sponsoring for his shop)

He can also get the parts you want from the States.....or Japan even....SPoon, Mugen, HKS, Blitz.....we do it all.....
Hey David what's up?I'm gonna share something with you that I have kinda held on to till I'm finished with my car.Do you know where Markredwitz is?Well there is a guy there(where I get all my parts) his name is Klaus Rieß and he maintains a Honda recycle center.If you need a engine get ahold of this guy.I got:motor 93 VTi b16a2,tranny,axles,halfshaft,ecu,rear disc conversion,front disc upgrades(VTi),stock tower strut.front & rear sway bars,all mounts,teg type R shift linkage,radiator,center console,and a box of nuts and bolts Sanford would be proud of all for 1900.Last time I was there he had roughly 13-18 b16a1's,a h22 he had just pulled out of a flipped prelude many more random SOHC motors,and just basically more parts than you want to see in one place. His number is 0171 372 3715 He mainly specializes in CRX and delsol but will never turn down another Honda he can sell.

As for the 4 door civic VTi check out this months SCC's readers rides that is the one here in Bamberg that my friend has.(pissedoffsol it is the car I sent you the motor code from).
yeah 99 octane is alot...
but nearly 4,50$ for a gallon... still sounds that good?