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I know the ls b18b comes with low compression around 9:01. That's what i am looking for, an engine that is able to handle turbo and has more available parts. So what do i need to do to put turbo in a ls engine? I have a stock mitshubishi eclipse turbo and the turbo headers that i am planning on using. From what i know i still need to get bigger injectors and a bigger fuel pump. I am also going to use my eclipse stock intercooler. What else am i missing? Also how do i tap into the block to be able to put in an oil cooler?
You can use your DSM injectors! They WILL fit. You don't need to tap into the block to use an oil cooler. Some oil coolers conect where your oil filter goes and then relocates your filter to a more accessable spot of choice. You could tap into any of your iol lines also to run the cooler. The only place that you are going to need to tap into is your oil pan for your oil return line from the turbo! One question... Is the Turbo from a 1st or 2nd gen eclipse?
Thanks for your reply. The turbo is from a 1g eclipse. I'm so happy to hear that i can use my turbo injector because there 415cc and i didn't want to start buying turbo parts that i already have. Can you explain more about relocating the oil filter? I want to understand better. Is there a site that would have step by step on how to put an oil cooler on a ls engine?
Im pretty sure you cant use the Exhust manifold from your eclipse. You need to get a manifold for the ls. I would just tap into the pan.
some companys oil cooler kits come with a plate that screws into the same spot as your oil filter. Off of that plate is two ports. One is the pressure and the other is your return ports. You run the lines to and from your oil cooler from these ports. In between the pressure port and the oil cooler is where you put your filter. You can mount it anywhere your heart desires! As long as the lines are long enuff!
Good to hear that the turbo is off of a 1st gen! The 14b spools up quite quickly! Dont boost that turbo over 14psi! If you do the housing around your wastegate will most likely crack!
You won't be able to use the 1st gen manifold! You are going to need a turbo manifold for your motor!
Good luck and happy boosting.
your injectors are 450cc if your dsm was a manual. they will fit it your fuel rail with slight mods to the injector seal....or buy boost tight seals from turbonetics. you will still have to either get a programable ecu, get yours reprogramed, or find some other fuel management...otherwise once you put those injectors in....your B will idle very very poorly...if it doesn't stall, this is because out of boost your ecu is programmed for the flow of the stock 240cc injectors, once positive boost happens is when fuel enrichment is needed because your oem injectors will not supply the needed fuel volume and your motor will run very lean. Hondata is a company that will reprogram your oem ecu for boost and it will run like it was turbocharged to start with
Also, for turbo manifolds...check out South Florida Performance (305) 233-8520..no web site...or try MP Racing (702) 220-5262..no site either...and lastly...try www.f-max.com
Thanks for the info. I'm planning on taking my turbo header to a machine shop that would cut and weld it to fit on a gsr head. I can tell making a ls/vtec/boost engine set-up isn't going to be cheap. I still haven't decided which car to get. I'm decided between a 1989-1991 crx,1992 civic hatchback or a 1990-1993 integra. I think getting the integra would be best for my because i can kill two bird with one stone. I would have a car to hook up and a b18 engine to rebuilt already in the car. What do you guys think? My problem is that i really like the crx but o well. I plan on working on having the fastes engine from my all friends like i had already with my turbo eclipse. Next would be the body of the car. Does the 1990-93 integra look nice hook up with bodykit?