Turbo Setup On A B16a

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Im tryong to get parts ready to build my B16 turbo.

Just wondering I only want to hit 6-8 lbs now and evebtually 12-15 at the end of the summeror next year.

Can I do it with an FMU or i was thinking of buying Hondata 2b.

Any info would be great thanks
I should be able to help (I just finished building mine :D )

First, there is a big difference between 6-8 and 12-15 psi (Assuming you're going to run an 18g or comparable sized turbo). For both setups I'd recommend:

Pistons (about 9:1 CR)
A good intercooler
larger injectors (350 or so for 6-8psi, 500cc for 12-15)
A 3" exhaust system (Thermal R&D makes an AWESOME system)
adjustable fpr
fuel pump (190lph should be fine)
Apex'i AFC
some kind of boost controller (manual = cheap, electronic = sweet)
ARP head studs
Gauges: Temp and Boost

For 12-15 psi, I'd start looking at the following:
Hondata (but AFC would probably be OK)
blockguard or sleeves (MAJOR controversy over the blockguard)
Gauges: Oil and Fuel pressure, EGT

Now I like to build reliably, so if some of this this seems like overkill, it probably is, but it costs a lot less to spend a lot money now than spend a shitload in repairs and rebuilds. When you're done, get it tuned professionally.

A tip: however much you think you'll spend on this, add about 50%. Seriously. Good luck.

Also: Don't bother with an A/F gauge. They're useless.
if your engine in great shape you can run 10-11PSI no problem with a fully stock setup 9PSI is better for everyday driving but you will still have the option to turn up the boost

things on my list would be

440 injectors
Hondata with boost option
Apex-I AVC-R
new clutch
and tuning tons of tuning

11PSI wont be a probelm if the engine is running good to start with
then again a crappy turbo setup done halfassed will be lucky to see 7PSI making half the power with out blowing up so just make sure you have a shop that knows how to tune turbo hondas

as for boosting 12 PSI you could do it with some SRP pistons, and Eagle rods.
if you want to make a strong engine you wont have to worry about go with resleeving "block gaurds are not worth the time or money" JE pistons and some nice rods
I push to people to stick with SRP pistons if they can unless they are looking to make very high power since well it really makes your honda suck ass when it comes to being a great car for everyday driving JE pistons
burns oil and makes the engine really loud and so on.... Synthoil has helped a lot on the oil loss but its still there VS my SRPs NEVER losing any oil and sounding soooo smooth