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okay i'm am still deciding what route i am going to go. I am going to be using this car to drive around and i do not have a problem with constantly taking care of my car i was just wondering which one is more reliable. I would like to run 12's in my hatch but something that is going to be reliable also but i do understand that shit is going to break if i'm racing so i'm ready for that. So what are my options i was thinking about the type r swap but some ppl are telling me to turbo and ls and i can get way more hp for less money. I just want to get some more peoples opinions and some facts before i make my decision
yes, you may get more power with the ls/turbo setup but then you sacrifice reliability for power. if you go the type r route... the route which i would go... you will have honda oem quality (whats better than that?) and a hellafast car... and then put some stage 2 cams, retainers, and springs and then you'll have a super fast car. BTW... what year hatch?
a boosted LS will give you more power per dollar than a NA ITR any day... if built and tuned right it can be very reliable and will see 12's easier ... the ITR is a road course / autoX engine not really a 1/4 mile engine... id say boost an LS if you want to drag with it
yes i wanted something really fun to drive but i was going to drag it of course and would like to see 12's. What mods would i need to do on the ITR to obtain enough hp to do this and also what would i need to do with the ls so it would be reliable??
some stage 2 cams, titanium reatiners, valve springs, and a 75 shot of zex nitrous with a 1 layer head gasket and you should see a high 12... and gutting your interior wouldnt be a bad idea to conserve some weight and definitely get some sticky tires... i'm not sure about the stock clutch... you might want to get a 6 puck... and i would put money that you would see a 12 with that setup...

you would be at around 230 whp with that setup

again, it all depends on the driver. that setup is WELL capable of a 12second 1/4 mile.
i thought putting n20 on a ITR was a bad idea because it is only an na engine???
Originally posted by cloverwood@Nov 4 2002, 06:40 PM
i thought putting n20 on a ITR was a bad idea because it is only an na engine???

only an na engine... unlike a turbo, n2o doesnt need lower compression the itr would be better than most engines for nitrous because of its compression #'s.. nitrous loves high comp. ratio's. as long as you have access to at least 93+ octane. the higher octane the better.
It would take more tuning to run N2O on an ITR engine, but you would see more power out of the setup because you started with more power. Personally I wouldn't use N2O on an R, if you are only drag racing just get the GSR with some R parts and N2O.

the sound of ITR on NAWWWWWWWS