Turboing D16z6

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I'm about to get my tax return, and i have decided upon turbo charging my d16z6. i have found several good deals on T3 kits on eBay, and I was wondering how much boost my Z6 can handle? It's all stock, with a PM6 ECU (CRX Si), and what else has to be changed? other than what the turbo kit comes with, what will I need to do to prep my motor?
depends on the turbo dude. how many times do we have to say it.
there are 21312312 different T3's out there
I'm looking at a T3 Kit. Don't know much about turbos. I'm just looking to find out how much boost my motor will handle. T3 is all I know. My buddy is helping me make descisions.
oh yea.... what does the type of turbo have to do with how much boost my motor can handle?
Oh. Interesting. This I did not know. I thought that the amount of boost had only to do with the HP increase. I will get some specs on a kit I am looking at and start another thread with more exact info. Thanks a lot guys!
that motor can safely run 6-8 lbs of boost, we found this out ona civic swap we did. it is a huge increase for that motor but you will love it....the tourqe is amazing. i reccomend the greddy kit...and add an intercooler froma 94 eagle talon. it is a side mout that fits on that kit PERFECTLY.

umm no- thats exactly what i just told you is bullshit. he knows nothing about turbo's either.

damn. sorry dude. I feel like I got yelled at through my computer. That's something i never want to experience again.
yes, i was yelling.

now, let me explain.

psi means jack shit. its power that means something.
a given metal rod or whatever will hold a certain amount of power before it brakes. or, detonation will become so bad from the extra heat on cast pistons and you will blow up.

a t25 with a .57 a/r flowing at 20 psi makes roughly (example) the same amount of horsepower as a t3/t04e .63 a/r at 6 psi.

lets take that a step further

a t3/to4e with a .57 a/r flowing at 12 psi makes roughly (example) the same amount of horsepower as a t3/t04e .80 a/r at 6 psi.

can you now see why psi means jack shit? trim of the turbo, wheel size and so forth make SUCH a difference.
braging/talking about running X psi on your car only shows your ignorance. Whoopdie shit that your block can hold 20 psi. so do stock nissans. and they also run small ass turbos stock.
dude i thanks for clearing that up. i'm just tring to learn this shit and that helped me. :D :D :D :worthy: :worthy: