type r internals

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hey got a 94 b18c1 in a 93 civic ex coupe. i just blew the rings and a piston. getting a good deal on type r pistons oversized .25, 11:1 compression rate. they are throwing in type camshafts. do i need to do ne thing to the head for the camshafts? also will i 93 octane gas be alright? ne tips?
If you're dropping in the Type-R camshafts, I would suggest dropping in the Type-R retainers and springs. If you haven't already bought the cams, try to get the Civic Type-R set. The CTR intake cam is slightly more aggressive than the ITR cam... the exhaust cams are identical.

93 octane gas will be fine on 11.0:1 compression. I run 93 on 12.6:1 compression and I don't detonate. Just tune it well and you'll be ok.
when i bore the block out .25 over do i need to resleeve the block or will it be ok. where can i buy the ctr cams at? can i just by the intake one? have u heard of eip in westminister maryland, thats who i was goin to get to tune my car. if i can i rather get inline pro to do it. got ne helpful tips. tryin to get low 13s all motor. maybe spray after that to break 12s (like a 12.8)
i run CTR cams on stock b16 internals now and rev to 8300-8500 regularly. ( at least i did until i garaged the ride :) )

but i have CTR outer intake valve springs and ITR inner valve springs and ITR retainers sitting in my drawer waiting to go in when i do the head work this winter...
so if i put the itr cams or ctr cams i must change the retainers and springs?
by doing the cams and pistons wouldnt that make the motor a itr basically?
Nope, you'd be missing the PnP each ITR head gets.
well, the p&p is a mild one, and it is only on the intake side (or is it exhaust? i think its intake) if you change the cams, you dont HAVE to change the springs/retianers if you are keeping your stock rev limit. it is however a good idea to change them out, when i put in my ctr cams i put in itr springs/retainers because my ecu has no rev limit, and i like seeing my tach go to 8700 :) also, why are you boring over? are the walls jacked? if not, you should just stay where you are and not do an overbore. if you are doing it to acheive more displacment, it is not worth it for just that, only do it if you need to.