Type-r? Or Prelude ?

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:blink: I dont know which way to go I want a beast to run on the streets but I dont know exactly what engine to drop into a Civic Hatchback. I know that for direct performance go for the Type - R but I also know that if you work on a H22a it will run like the devil himself. So if you have any advice to give please hit me back aight
Why? I just want to know what this is based on. I didnt think it made a difference for a daily driver, but I havent really given it much thought, so ummm.... yea, ignore that.
B18C jdm specs engine with Toda or JUN stage 3 cams,oversize 81.25mm ITR pistons, chipped up ECU to match.
Or B16head with a B20B block, high dome pistons of 85mm, chipped up ecu to match.
personally if you have the money stick with the B18C spec R [type r motor]... you'll make damn good power if your going all motor

with the type r motor you wont have to worry about understeer or anything like that... also you will be able to REV higher, and you'll have a damn good tranny [one that im looking for at the moment :p ]