Type S Pistons in my stock H22A1

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Ok, I have a 93' Vtec lude with a H22A1 and I'm looking into putting type S pistons in it. What parts will I need in order to do this. Also, will it still pass smog in California? I was reading another post on this topic and it was talking about the cylinders being labeled with either a B or an A, depending on the size of the piston. Where is this label located. Will I have to bore the engine at all for this upgrade? I plan on just honing it. Also, I was discussing things with a friend of mine and he said that I shouldn't do this because I will put to much strain on the rest of the engine, bumping the compresion like that. I do currently have a blown head gasket, but I am putting a new one on while I have the head off. If N E one has done this, please let me know how it is working out. Thanks for the help, J
It will bump your compression nearly a point. I don't think you'll need anything new besides the rings. They should fit right on the stock rods. You won't have to bore the cylinders.

It should pass smog. The only thing I'd worry about is you'll definitely have to run premium gasoline. Other than that, I think you'll be very happy with the higher compression. I went from 8.8:1 in my F22 to 10.6:1 with my H22. It was sweeeeeeet.
You should, however, hone the cylinder walls, maybe buy the Type 0.020" over pistons and do those so you can seat rings to freash cylinder walls.