Typer Manifold Swap

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I'm putting a Type-R manifold on my B16A swap I just got, can you give me more info on exactly what I'm going to need for this job? like what fuel injectors, (B/c if I go w/ the newer fuel rail like stated below aren't the fuel injectors OBD1-2 sensitive where I'll be running OBD0) also what exactly is the GS-R EACV? and is an after market fuel rail such as AEM good enough w/ what I have or do I need the whole set up from one of these others? I have the whole factory intake setup but am I really needing to change anything?Thanks.

I got this information below from http://b16a.honda-perf.org/extras.html

The intake manifold - if it isn't complete you'll need a '92-5 Civic EX/Si or '94-7 Del Sol VTEC or '96 Integra GS-R EACV, as well as a fuel rail from either the twin cam VTEC Del Sol or the '94 Integra GS-R. Yes the B16A tb bolts to the R manifold although you might want to match port it
also, I'm running CTR cams, and .25 pistons, 4-1 headers will I need a bigger throttle body if so which is best? hopefully this also helps w/ fuel injector sizing.
you don't need any larger injectors for what you have so far. i have a type r manifold on my b16a and it was a bolt-on process. you'll have to tee in your purge cutoff solenoid valve to your fuel pressure regulator line.

at the point of the yellow arrow on the left, there is a large vacuum line that you wont be needing so cap it off.

and you wont be able to get the clip on the the IAT sensor if you use your stock fuel rail... see pic. you'll have to get an aftermarket one.

Thanks for the detailed help. So, I'll be using an after market fuel pressure regulator and tee it off, cap off the one vaccum line, and finaly All I'm going to need is an after market (ie. AEM fuel rail) and everything else should be good to go. If I'm wrong anywhere please let me know. Again, thanks for the help.
remember to get new injector seals and o rings, and new o ring for your iac
I was thinking of getting new injectors anyways, what is recommended and where can I get a good set? do new ones come w/ injectors seals and o rings, and does it make any difference between OBD-0-1-2? since I'm running OBD-0.
that article i wrote will be identical for a 1st gen b16. the only difference is which cylinder the fpr sits over.

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I tried to find one for a Delsol, NO where to be found. So I ended up geting a Hayami for a 99-00 SI. Hopefully it works out alright. 2 other nice features to it was, you could plug a guage right into it, and had a port for NOS. don't think I'll be doing any NOS soon w/ the high Compression.