Ultimate Joy Ride?!?

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I use to think picking up my little brother from high school on my GSXR was cool until the other day.. i see a black NSX take going moderately fast in a school zone and when a pig was about to pull out and pull his ass over, he guns it and gets away.. :lol: done that a few times but only on my bike never in a car (too slow).. i ask my brother who that was and it was some rich kid's dad that i use to have basketball P.E. with.. i ask the kid to talk to his dad about me doing a "story" on it.. :p i said it was for a college project and blah blah.. his dad agrees and we met up.. i go to ride in it, but unfornuately didnt get to drive it <_< :p .. anyway, it was a bloody awesome ride he floored it a few times and vtec sounds so sweet in a 3.0 Litre screaming to redline.. imma try to get him to do another "story" and hopefully get pics.. peace
3.0 vtec ownz jOO!!
Originally posted by 90 accord@Mar 17 2003, 05:20 AM
why is it a 'new sex xperiance' ?

A play on words with the title "New Sex Xperiance" about a NSX.
the NSX was orginially named the "New Sports Xperience" when it was a concept back in 89. And when it came to production time they couldnt think of a snazzy name so they just dubbed it the "NSX". So i subsituted the S for sex instead of sports because if you're a real car nut, then you'll kno what im talking about.. you reach a sense of nirvana or "orgasim :blink: " when you experience something so thrilling.. maybe you've never had sex or never riden in a $100,000 car, but the emotions are almost the same..
Originally posted by 92b16vx@Mar 13 2003, 05:32 PM
3.0 vtec ownz jOO!!

reminds me of Jay and silent bob strike back....."hey, think this shit jusk kicked in" haha SWeet

GO KEVEN SMITH! :worthy: