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I've updated youtube to automatically load Hd versions, and use a bigger view port area.
This area is responsive, and should scale to your resolution, including your phones.

This may be a trial run... let me know how you like it, or hate it.
looks like we lost this feature in the upgrade.... will try to get it working again
This issue and more have been corrected. Added the media embeds to full screen and a pop-out player.

Also added lazy loading of media and images - this allows only the images in viewport to load, saving you bandwidth/data on your phone if you don't care about the rest of the thread/etc while also improving page load speed.

With all our local assets being served through AWS/S3, I added multiple Cloudfront layer to cache out on their edge network as well, which means improved content distribution, where ever you are. CDN, JS, and Logo subdomains are all on cloudfront if you want to hit F12, reload the page on the network tab and watch stuff like a nerd :)

I've also added an image optimizer. You may have noticed attachments take another second or two after reaching 100% uploaded before showing. This is because the server is re-processing those images and scaling your 100 megapixel cat pic into a web-friendly size without suffering quality.
I've rebuilt all our images already, and no one has noticed. But I reduced our image size by over 25GB. This means faster loading of the smaller size images, and a lower bill for S3 transfer costs. These processors are libs installed locally. There are hosted providers that are reasonable now that the mass-update has taken place that I'm considering.

So, now that all these intensive services are being offloaded from our core server, the server itself is WAY too powerful for what we need.

I will be downgrading to a cheaper box at some point this year. I've been shopping for a new provider. It's been a challenge. There's few places I trust these days that aren't expensive or pure cloud-node, and i'm not sure that we're ready for a container-based node as our sole platform. It's nt ready... i'm not ready. too many things still to offload (DNS, email, etc) before that could be a reality.

All in all, with the caching work, SSL, and other enhancements, i've improved the speed of the site by almost double.

over 6 seconds at the end of march

to around 4

Time to first bite is all server and connectivity. Being on SSL, it's naively twice as slow as it has to confirm the handshake. And, we're still on apache which is not the fastest web server out there any more

The long term vision is to move to 100% AWS + 3rd party api's. Lot's of planning and figuring out the right size instances before making the jump.

Move the database to RDS/Aurora
move email to SES
DNS on Route53
Main app on EC2 and probably behind EBS
image optimization on Kraken.io
Basically it means bigger, cheaper, faster but a lot of changes to get there.
the picture upload is a bit funky from iphone i can only do one at a time now, but works great nonetheless. thanks for taking care of us!


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pretty sure it's always been that way.... it was like this on my android phone at least. None of the interface has been touched for doing the actual attachment selection. on the pc you can use ctrl to get multiple at a time in a quoted string. through the phone interface/file explorer, it doesn't give the options.
i'm using iphone. this was the only forum i could select a bunch from the upload screen at once.

it's not a big deal in the scheme of things, it's in line with how it work on every other forum now lol
on the pc, you can select multiple. i think it's more about the interface of the phone than the software here... it immediately returns the filename instead of generating a list of filenames and then an ok button.
i've been using safari. maybe i'll try firefox.